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Important! Please do not add any air when stirring the paint as this is included in the paint film depending on the drying conditions. This would lead to an impairment of the surface and the load-bearing capacity of the coating.

Temafloor Fluat


Crystalline, water soluble, silicon fluoride, surface impregnating agent for concrete floors.

       Finncoatings®color on the highest level
Suitable for dust binding and surface hardening of unfinished old and new concrete floors.

Recommended for e.g. warehouses and multistorey garages.

Features     Reacts with the calsium carbonate in the concrete surface. Does not form any film. Can be coated with Temafloor- coatings and screeds if necessary.


Coverage   Finncoatings®color on the highest level


Package 25 kg / Area of the floor 150 m2

1st treatment

2nd treatment

Temafloor Fluat 9 kg + water 65 litres

Temafloor Fluat 16 kg + water 65 litres


Coverage depends on the porosity of the substrate.


Application method     


Spread with brush or spatula.


APPLICATION DETAILS   Finncoatings®color on the highest level




New concrete surface must be dry and at least 2 weeks old. Remove laitance by power grinding.

Old concrete floors should be cleaned and grinded thoroughly.


   Finncoatings®color on the highest level
Treatment     1st treatment: Pour the solution over the clean surface and spread it with brush or spatula so that the whole surface is covered. Let the solution lay on the surface at least 3 hours by brushing the surface at the same time.After the treatment rinse the surface with plenty of water. Let the surface dry at least one day before the following treatment.

2nd treatment: The second treatment is carried out in the same way as the first treatment. Rinse the surface after the treatment with plenty of water and brush powerfully. Do no allow the surface to dry before the rinsing. Insufficient rinsing and brushing may cause a dustlike coat of unreacted additive on the floor. The floor is ready for use immediately when the surface has dried.


EU VOC 2004/42/EC-limit value     Does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds.

Finncoatings® Color on the highest level


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