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the newest generation, waterborne, latex, acrylic-composite paint worked out with use of modern technologies: ceramic (guarantee high mechanical durability of the surface) and encapsulation (increases the barrier properties of painted surface). It is intended for decorative painting of walls and ceilings inside residential, office and public use buildings and in schools and health care premises (hospitals, schools, kinder-gardens), workhouses and production plants and also food industry without direct contact with food. Forms beautiful, washable matt finish. Rich colors, the palette of colors over 13 thousand colors, is the best guide for your interior. Let yourself be inspired.


CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY – unique arrangement of ceramic and functional fillers:

1.   High mechanical durability of the surface to glossy spots and traces after wiping the surface, etc.

2.   Expressive depth of colour especially attractive for paints in deep matt.

3.   Exclusive anti-reflex, deep matt finish, uniform independently of the watching angle.



1.   Very good hiding power

2.   Increased durability of the paint surface to stains and dirt

3.   Increased durability of the paint surface to dirt and dust

4.   Decreased migration of salts effect (lower migration of salts in old buildings, churches, museums, etc.)



1.   Unique ability to regenerate matt surface by gently wiping the wall with dry or wet cloth, thanks to specially used modern combination of waxes the wall regenerate it’s matt surface.  

2.   Uniform and easy to achieve paint surface structure.

3.   Highest wet scrub durabililty – 1st class (PN-EN 13300)

4.   Durability of colour in long period of time

5.   Beautiful, deep matt finish.

6.   Innovative tinting system Avatint.



1.    Product doesn’t contains volatile organic compound: zero VOC*

2.    Eco-friendly recipe and the highest quality certified Ecolabel.

3.   Recommendation from Polish Allergy Society (PTA), product is safe for people particularly sensitive and with susceptibility to allergy.  

4.   Raw materials used in paint production according to European parliament decree REACH, which aim is to assure high level of health and environment protection.

5.   Paint fulfill the VOC requirement in BREAM International certificate system**

6.   A+ class on account of low emission from the coat according to French norms

7.    We don’t add formaldehyde in production process.



1.    Non-dripping formula.

2.    Very good adhesion to the surface.

3.    Easy spread of paint.

4.    Optimal drying time.


* according to norm: PN-EN ISO 11890:2

** acquaint Yourself with details in Producer Declaration concerning BREEAM International system.



Ecology is a goal which drives Tikkurila brand. Paint Tikkurila Optiva represent the highest attention to environment and our health. They fulfill rigorous ecological



Polish Allergy Society (PTA) recommendation  Tikkurila Optiva Ceramic Super Matt [3] is recommended by Polish Allergy Society (PTA). Base on detailed analysis by independent commission of experts confirmed that product is safe for people particularly sensitive and with susceptibility to allergy. After painting and ventilating of the painted room product used according to application method does not have allergic action.


VOC – product contains minimal amount of volatile organic compounds which is below 1,5 g/l VOC 20-times lover than required norm; Category A/a.


Colours from colour cards Tikkurila Symphony, NCS, RAL.

Pallet of shades for over 10.000 colours.




Base A and C: 0,9 l, 2,7 l, 9 l

Gloss grade

Deep matt [2-3], according to norm: PN-EN 13300. The paint gives a deep matte finish, leveling small surface imperfections.

Example of use

Painting of gypsum boards, gypsum, cement-lime plasters, concrete substrates as well as for renovation of old coatings. Product may be used on wood and metal surfaces before application surface should be primed with suitable primer (Tikkurila Everal Primer, Tikkurila Everal Corrostop, Tikkurila Everal Metal Primer).



Acrylic dispersion.


Solids content


Base A – approx. 56% (depend on colour), Base C – approx. 54% (depend on colour)




Base A – approx. 1,34 g/cm3, Base C – approx. 1,28 g/cm3 (depend on colour)



Up to 16 m²/l max. with one coat. The coverage depends to a large degree on such factors as absorbability, substrate texture, application method and colour.


Drying time

At temperature +23°C, relative air humidity 50% the paint needs approx. 1 hours to dry. The interval between application of subsequent coats must be at least 4 hours. In lower temperatures and higher humidity the time between the application of next coat  might be longer.


Resistant to wet scrubbing

Highest – 1st class (according to norm: PN-EN 13300:2002). (PN-EN ISO 11998:2007P). In case of dirt on the surface for cleaning might be used water with delicate cleaning detergent.

Resistance to disinfectant agents

Paint durable to cleaning with disinfectant agents used in hospitals. List of such products available on customer request. 


Resistance to radiation

Durability test for irradiation of the surface with UVC germicide  lamps – the look of the surface and the shade didn’t change after 8 hrs. of irradiation.


Surface regeneration

Imperfections of the surface, which was made during using of the surface can be eliminated after gently wiping them with dry or wet cloth.







Surface preparation

Unpainted surfaces: New plaster and concrete substrates can be painted after 4 weeks of seasoning. Clean these surfaces from dust and dirt, smooth out irregularities and losses with putty. Gypsum boards, cardboards and putty may be painted after they are fully dry. In case when unevenness of the surface is considerable, the wall should be even with leveling mortar and afterwards apply on the whole surface smooth putty. In case of small unevenness you may apply smooth putty  at once. The use of above mentioned mortars and putty should be done according to data sheets of these products. Machine plaster with visible glossy sinter surface should be sanded and clean from dust. Then apply one coat of Tikkurila OPTIVA PRIMER, as finishing coat apply two coats of Tikkurila OPTIVA CERAMIC SUPER MATT [3] paint.



Previously painted surfaces:  Wash the surface before coating and remove grease and dirt and loose and flaking fragments of old coat. Sand glossy surfaces and smooth out irregularities and losses with putty. Paint with gloss grade: satin, semi-matt, semi-gloss and gloss should be sanded on the whole surface before final dusting. For sanding use sanding paper with grain 150 - 200. Prime the whole of substrate with Tikkurila OPTIVA PRIMER. Paint twice with the Tikkurila OPTIVA CERAMIC SUPER MATT [3] paint.






Surfaces painted with glue or lime paint: Remove thoroughly the lime or glue paint. Clean the surfaces from dust and dirt, smooth out irregularities and losses with putty. Then apply one coat of Tikkurila OPTIVA PRIMER, as finishing coat apply twice the Tikkurila OPTIVA CERAMIC SUPER MATT [3] paint. In case of loose substrate prime with impregnate Tikkurila SUPRABILIT.  


Notice: It is recommended to check if the used putty is strong and stable surface – if after delicate hand wipe the putty is falling or leave the dust on hand then it means that the surface is loose and it has to be primed with Tikkurila Tikkurila SUPRABILIT impregnant.



Application method

Brush, roller, spray (nozzle: 415, pressure: 150 bar).



If necessary thin up to 5% with water.


Application conditions

All surfaces intended for coating must be dry, air temperature may not be lower than +5°C and not higher then +25OC, relative air humidity below 80%. 



Before application thin sufficient amount of paint from one production batch to avoid possible colour difference. Before painting stir the paint thoroughly. Depending on substrate porosity apply 2 coats of Tikkurila OPTIVA CERAMIC SUPER MATT [3] with brush, roller or spray. For colours of particularly weak hiding power (marked within the tinting system) it may be necessary to apply additional coats. In case of applying colours marked in tinting system as weakly hiding (LH) and intensive colours from C base, it is recommended to use priming paint Tikkurila OPTIVA PRIMER tinted to a colour close to the colour of finishing paint. The painting tape should be removed immediately after painting, before the paint will dry. It is recommended to use ANZA painting tools.



In this technical data sheet, it is impossible to describe all aspects of the use of the product. In cases that are not described above, please contact the Technology Advisor. We will gladly provide you with detailed information related to a particular object.


Tools cleaning

Before washing tools should be thoroughly wiped in order to remove as much paint. Clean tools with water immediately after the completion of the work. 







Do not discharge liquid rests into sewers. Empty containers and packaging containing residues of paints pass to the point for the collection of this waste. Detailed information on the possibility of collecting waste from your local Municipal Office.


Work health and safety

and fire protection



Keep the paint out of reach of children. After application of paint in closed rooms ventilate until disappearance of smell and after that time the rooms are suitable for use. Product is not classified as dangerous. Contains reaction mass of: 5-chloro-2-methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one [EC no. 247-500-7] and 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol-3-one [EC no. 220-239-6] (3:1). 1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2H)-one and 2-methyl-2Hisothiazol-3-one. May produce an allergic reaction.  The Material Safety Data Sheet is available on Customer’s request.


Storage and transport                                    

The product must be transported and stored in containers, which protect it against influence of atmospheric conditions. The storage and transport temperature must be between +5°C and +25°C. Protect the paint against frost. Close tightly the packaging immediately after use. Tightly closed packaging should be stored in room with temperature not lower than +5°C and not higher than +25°C, protect from frost and direct sunlight.



Cat. A/a. Acceptable content  VOC since 2010r. - 30 g/l. Product contain below: 1,5 g/l VOC – 30 g/l. 


Shelf life         

3 years from production date, in factory closed packaging.



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