Important properties that should have a facade color.

                    1. Moisture protection

                    2. Low pollution

                    3. Lightfastness

                    4. Good adhesion on the existing substrate

                    5. Low or no flammability of the color

                    6. Good elasticity

                    7. Water vapor diffusion

                    8. Ecological / Environmentally friendly.

      Of course, the color should also be easy to work with.

Alkali-resistant water-borne protective substance that is based on the combination of silane and siloxane. Prevents the capillary penetration of precipitation and splash water into the structure. Lets humidity escape as vapor from inside the structure. Reduces the risk of frost damage and the build-up of salt on the structure’s surface.


Finngard 150
Water-borne, alkali-resistant acrylic paint that protects concrete against humidity and carbonation. SILKO approved (3.253).Suitable for painting concrete structures, wallboards and surfaces rendered with a cement mortar.

Versatile facade paint
Finngard Silikonihartsimaali (Silicone Resin Paint) is a waterborne, solvent-free facade paint for exterior concrete surfaces and strong plastered surfaces.Excellent water repellency, good water vapor permeability The excellent water repellency and good water vapor permeability of Finngard Silicone Resin Paint ensure that structures remain dry.

Finngard Hybrisil
Facades that stay clean
Finngard HybriSil is a waterborne facade paint based on nanotechnology that stays clean. The paint is suitable for concrete and cement-reinforced plastered surfaces outdoors.Latest technology The nanoparticles in Finngard HybriSil effectively prevent dirt from penetrating the paint film.

Kivisil Fassadenfarbe
All-round facade paint
Kivisil is a waterborne, slightly coat-like silicon emulsion paint for facades. Kivisil is ideal as an exterior paint for residential, commercial, industrial, and storage buildings.Easy-to-use exterior paint Choose the most suitable method: roller, brush, or spray gun. Kivisil is suitable for many surfaces: concrete, plaster, and mineral plate.

Finngard Silicone Hydro
Waterborne, silicone paint for mineral facades. Particularly recommended for renovation of facades in places with high air pollution, eg. city centers, industrial areas.Clean facade for years Self-cleaning, resistant to dirt caused by the air pollution.Ensure safety Ensure increased safety of the building. It is noncombustible - holds B s1 d0 classification acc. PN-EN 13501-1.

Finngard Silicone Protect
Waterborne, silicone paint for mineral facades. Particularly recommended for renovating of silicone plasters and walls exposed to the rain Durable surface protection - the paint creates hydrophobic coat with low water absorption properties. Particularly recommended for renovation of silicone plasters and walls exposed to rain.

Finngard Uni Primer
Waterborne, acrylic primer paint for mineral facades. Perfectly insulates the topcoat from the influence of factors from the substrate.Reinforced surface Finngard Uni Primer reinforce the surface, reduces and evens absorbency and improves adhesion of facade paint.

Finngard Silicate Solid
Silicate, waterborne paint for mineral facades. Perfect for renovation of mineral wool insulation systems and weaker substrates.Extreme bonding with the substrate Forms extremely durable coats due to its ability of bonding with the surface, it retains its color and protective properties for many yearsSafe facade Ensure increased safety of the building. It is noncombustible - holds A1 classification according to PN-EN 13501-1



Water-borne, silicone-based primer (concentrate).For priming porous, water-absorbing unpainted surfaces or previously painted aggregate surfaces before painting with Kivisil façade paint, Finngard Silikonihartsimaali or other paints suitable for organic aggregate surfaces, such as Yki.Residential, commercial, industrial, storage and other buildings.

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