Taika Pearl Paint 

Otex Primer 

Taika Pearl Paint Only creativity sets the limits

In the Taika color card, you can find silver-based bright, pearlescent tints and gold-based rich and warm tints. Learn about the different application methods and combine pearlescent and matt surfaces, for instance, to produce an exciting result.
MED (Marine Equipment Directive).
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Otex Primer/Akva. Super adhesion

For demanding surfaces
Otex adheres well to surfaces that require special adhesion, such as glass, tile, fiberglass, PVC plastic, aluminum, zinc-coated sheet metal, and surfaces coated with alkyd and acid-curing paint.
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Taika Lasur Gold /Silver

Luja 7-20-40 
 Taika make your walls alive with pearlescent effect

Silver glow or golden heat?
The silver base is for pale, vivid shades. Warm, spicy shades are made from the gold base. Choose your own inspiration from the Taika color card. MED-Zertifikat (Marine Equipment Directive.
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Luja 7-20-40

Luja has exceptional chemical resistance, as the paint film and colors can withstand the strongest detergents and hard wear in demanding environments. Due to its high chemical and wash resistance, the product is ideal for use in premises such as hospitals, institutional kitchens, and industrial facilities. It has also been approved for use in premises where it is subject to indirect food contact.
(Finské potravinové právo 23/2006)
MED-Zertifikat (Marine Equipment Directive.
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Helmi 10/30/80

Kiva 10/30/50/70 Lasur
Helmi 10/30/80

Certified with eco-labels
Helmi is one of the eco-certified products , that is proved by M1 and Nordic Swan certificate. Helmi is proven to be safe, has a mild odor and dries quickly. It also meets the stringent requirements set for the surface treatment of toys.MED (Směrnice pro námořní zařízení).
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Kiva 10/30/50/70 Water-borne, non-yellowing,
tintable acrylic lacquer for indoor use.

Good levelling
Semi-matt lacquer Kiva 30 has a good adhesion to the original surface, as a result of which is a smooth and level finish. Lacquer levels well and achieves a flat surface.
MED (Směrnice pro námořní zařízení).
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Designed professionally

Ässä 7 / 20
Ässe 7  MATT

Water-borne, semi-matt acrylate walls and ceilings paint for interior for professional use.
Specially for surfaces subject to hard wear.MED (Směrnice pro námořní zařízení).
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Ässe 20 Semi-matt.

Ässä 20 is suitable for exposure class 04 premises, such as stairwells and public spaces exposed to heavy wear. The renovation paint is highly resistant to washing and mechanical stress.MED (Směrnice pro námořní zařízení).
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Merit Jahti 20 All-round lacquer

Merit 20 A one-component urethane-alkyd lacquer.

All-round lacquer
Merit Jahti 20 is an all-round lacquer for interior and exterior use. The recommended usage areas are floors, doors, windows and other wooden surfaces. Due to its UV-protective agent, the lacquer is very suitable for treating wooden boats.
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Joker Certified with eco-labels

Product has allergy label
Joker has been proven safe, as it has been granted the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation approval. The solvent-free Joker suits perfectly for living and kid's rooms painting.
MED (Směrnice pro námořní zařízení).
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Industrial products with MED-
Marine Equipment Directive Certificate.


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