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Wood colors for outdoors
for private and industry

Finngard Wood Color

Wood has been used as a building material for many centuries. The forests are the natural source that provide us with the environmentally friendly raw material. It is important to us all to protect the forest and the wood derived from it as much as possible

Be inspired by our unique color collection.

And all of this with tested environmentally friendly products

Finncoatings  Special products
for cruise ship refit projects

Decorative effect coatings
Industrial coatings for wood and metal

Design Sauna Services

we make your Sauna and spa area for an unforgettable event. Color shades, also according to your wishes.Finncoatings FCT Sauna Wax Austrian approval ÖNORM M 6219-1 

ISO Paint Isonit,Professional surface treatment for roofs, paving- stones and facades

Isonit Design Color,a unique color choice. Isonit 12-20-50


Finncoatings Industrie Coatings

Contact us.

Here you have the opportunity to tell us your wishes or, if you need further information / non-binding offer, to send them to us. Many of our customers have special colors from us. If you cannot find your color, just send us this email without specifying the color. We'll take care of everything else and get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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Heidelberger Straße 8
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